Alexa Rank: Improve Traffic Web and Get Huge Visitors

Alexa rank is a great standard for measuring a website visitor. Alexa rank and Google page rank are not new to the webmaster. Those who are known to the abc of Search Engine Optimization, they are informed of alexa page ranking. Alexa is merely a method of web ranking. Its working principles is opposite to Google ranking. As Goggle page rank is too good against a site when the page rank of page rank is near is 1or 2 or 3. But alexa rank is good when it page rank as far as long. For new blogger who faces difficulties having good alexa rank, I share some exclusive and effective tips for boosting alexa ranking.
1. Claim Your Blog:
Firstly CLICK HERE and providing email and user name you have to register with alexa.

After submitting email and name the the window appears like below. And a link sent to your email.

After that you need to go your email account and you need to click the activation link.
2. Use the Alexa Widgets:
To boost alexa rank, it is necessary to use the alexa widgets. You CLICK HERE to get alexa traffic widgets.

3. Rewiew Widgets:
Alexa review widgets play a vital role increasing alexa rankings .Follow CLICK HERE to get review widgets.

4. Provide Some Review:
Review is a nice to improving the rank of alexa. If you provide some review, it’ would be great for your site.

5. Use ALexa Toolbar:
You can use alexa toolbar on your browser. To get this alexa toolbar follow CLICK HERE. By entering user license agreement and click the Accept and Install buton, then you get it.

6. White Hat SEO:
Based on online ethics, you should do white hat SEO for generating huge web traffic.

7. Web Traffic and Page View;
Initiate the step of increasing traffic and also increase the page view. This two things refund you good result.

8. Visit Your Site Again and Again:
You can visit your site again and again and refresh the site. This provides you a great cure.
After all if you follow the above tips and tricks, I’m sure it provides a great alexa rank.

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