Why & How Website Loses Web Visitor or Traffic

Web Visitor or Traffic is the heart of a website or a blog. Webmaster and Blogger are brainstorming for getting huge web visitor or traffic. Due to unknown to the different tips and tricks of generating web visitor or traffic, many blogger and webmaster loses web traffic or visitor. Insufficient knowledge about SEO is the root cause of loses web traffic or visitor. Here I detected 09 fatal mistake which mainly liable for that situation.

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01. Change Permalink without Redirection:
Permalink is a vital factor for SEO of a website. If you run new blog, then you must be cautious about using a fresh permalink. But when you change permalink, then it create a problem. If you change permalink, your previous post will be reindex otherwise the previous link will not be worked out. You can solve this problem by using a plugin. The is 301 redirection Checker. This plugin allow you to check you out the redirect permalink.

02. Missing Of Sitemap:
Sitemap is an important for indexing different post of a website in different search engine like Google, yahoo etc. If your website created by a CMS like WordPress, then you use Google XML sitemap or wordpress SEO plugin. But if your website based on video, then you can use yeast video seo plugin.

03.htaccess files:
Some blogger changes htaccess files for solving permalink redirection or htaccess optimization. You must be cautious while changing htaccess files because htaccess file is an important file. You must take backup before changing htaccess files. You can use Meta robot plugin to change changing htaccess file.

04. Robot.txt file:
Robot.txt file is an important file for website. Robot.txt file determine which page or post will be indexed or scroll for a search engine bot. For betterment of your website of search engine, you must be optimized your robot.txt file. Never disallow many of file or page in robot.txt.

05. Theme Customization:
You will keep a document while customize a theme so that you can detect any problem of changing of theme customization. Because sometimes free theme does not go with all plugin.

06. WordPress Plugin:
Make sure that unnecessary plugins should be uninstall. Use of unnecessary plugins create much loading time for your website which creates loss of web visitor or traffic.
07. SEO Title or Descrption:
If you use All in SEO, Yeast wordpress SEO or other popular plugins, then you need to better implement of SEO Title and Meta description. Otherwise it would be difficult to in the first page of search engine.

08. Blog Security:
If you use free theme, then make sure that is it existence of malicious or spam file. Because this malicious and spam file redirect your visitor to other website. So be cautious about your site security. In that sense, you can use TAC (theme authenticity checker) plugin. In addition you can also use security plugin.

09.Blog Backup:
Make sure that your blog are well backed up so that you can restore your site on account of danger. If possible every day otherwise you must do it at every a week.

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